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Free when you call from work.
CURRENT Flyers--for May 25 Ride!
The Bush Energy Plan (Poster, PDF Format, 1035 KB)

Bring Your Momentum (Poster, PDF Format, 400 KB)
The Solution to Pollution... (Four-Fold, PDF Format, 36646 bytes)
You're Invited... (Four-Fold, PDF Format, 538804 bytes)
Ride Daily--Celebrate Monthly! (Four-Fold, PDF Format, 50847 Bytes)

Past Flyers
Warmth in Numbers - January 2001 Ride (Poster, PDF Format, 168224 bytes)

Other Flyers

"Business Cards" (PDF Format, 65783 Bytes)
Welcome to Critical Mass (for innocent bystanders) (Four-Fold, PDF Format, 524288 Bytes)
Auto-Free (Four-Fold, PDF Format, 98211 bytes)
(to distribute to drivers on March 31!)

Join The Celebration! (Letter-Size Poster, PDF Format, 197256 Bytes)
Social Space Poster, Letter Size (PDF Format, 1793226 bytes)
Celebrate Poster, Legal Size (PDF Format, 12617 bytes)


Or make your own! If you want to post a flyer on the web-site, join the e-mail list.

For the four-fold flyers, try punching a hole in the corner and attach them to your handlebars with a zip-tie. Then you can hand them out in motion!

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