[*BCM*] Cop attacks Boston Critical Mass cyclist in Central Square: Follow up...

Dave Scandurra dave.earthmusic at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 21:35:06 EDT 2010


Hey everybody. So we're sitting here, still blown away by what we saw.

A bicyclist by the name of Yoni Kurland was assaulted by a Cambridge police
officer, Raymond Pina, Badge CPD 567, in almost the exact same manner as the
infamous NYC Critical Mass incident. Unfortunately, we do not currently know
of anyone who caught it on film, so please spread the word and hopefully we
can find someone who managed to record it. We have film of the aftermath, we
have about seven eye witnesses, and hopefully we can take advantage of any
nearby surveillance cameras (one of which we saw looked to be aimed directly
down at the intersection near the incident). We plan to call the ACLU for
legal advice as well.

For those of you who were not there to witness it, Pina was in the middle of
the road, trying to knock over passing cyclists who were all doing their
best to avoid him. After a few failed attempts, Pina lunged towards Yoni,
grabbed him, and threw him to the ground. Yoni was in the bike lane, had not
personally been in the way of any traffic, and had not even reached the
intersection and could not have run the red light. The ticket was filed for
either "Bicycle operating to endanger" or "Bicycle leaving the scene of an
accident" but there were no nearby pedestrians, and Yoni along with all
other bicyclists did their best to avoid contact with the officer. There was
a clear effort to attack one of the passing cyclists.

Please stand by while we wait for the court date, and please ask around for
anyone who might possibly have the incident on video. It is also up to Yuri
to decide where he wants to take this. We will send another update when what
video we have goes online.

Solidarity forever,

Dave - dave.earthmusic at gmail.com
Danny - human at thesilentnumber.me
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