“Be part of the Solution. Join the Velorution”

Announcing: Boston Critical Mass!

Critical Mass is a vision of a happy, bike-friendly world replacing our polluted, congested roads, a protest for better cycling facilities and against car culture, a mobile paean to bicycling’s joys, a merry ride downtown and through the neighborhoods with friends, and more – all rolled into one convenient monthly ride right after work!

Critical Mass is a party on two wheels to celebrate bicycling – a fast, friendly, clean, efficient, healthy, cheap, sensible, and fun way to get around the city.

Critical Mass is not an organization. It is a coincidence. It is a xerocracy. Make your own flyers! Make a route map--maybe it will be followed! Bring a sign, noisemaker, or cupcakes to the ride!

We ride on the last Friday of every month at 5:30 PM in Copley Square.

This month, join thousands in over 200 cities worldwide, and hundreds in Boston alone, in celebrating Critical Mass.

The Bicycle Song (David Rovics)

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 “We conceived Critical Mass to be a new kind of political space, not about PROTESTING, but about CELEBRATING our vision of preferable alternatives, most obviously in this case bicycling over car culture.”
--Chris Carlsson, one of the first riders of the San Francisco Critical Mass


Today Critical Mass occurs in over 100 cities around the world. In the real world, you need only ride a bicycle and you have reduced: air pollution, noise pollution, overconsumptive land usage, marine oilslicks, millions of animal deaths, the incidence of heart disease, the
road toll, your monthly transport budget. Your personal gain is nothing compared to the benefits you offer to the greater community.
-- “The Man Who Loved Only Bicycles,” Damon Rao, Melbourne, Australia


"It's the most fun you'll have all month on a bike!"
--Peter, Somerville

"It's better than a century ride!"
--Nat, Somerville